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About Us

    I can honestly say it all started with a vision. God is soooo amazing , I could talk about Him all day every day. From our intimate moments together to receiving from the abundant flow of blessings, everything I create is in honor of His goodness.

My story #BeautyUnveiling illustrates my rebirth, my becoming of who I was created to be. I’m a Creative Genius - that's short to say I’m everything like my Father, God. I am inspired to live for Him. As an artist with Low Vision, I use my creativity to bring awareness to sight loss, and as a testimony that apart from Jesus we can do nothing. It is possible with God.

 My apparel started with an idea God gave me and I ran with it. These quotable lyrics are pieces from my personal writings. God is amazing, why not wear it and live it at the same time.

 In everything I do and create I want to encourage others God is still passing out the cup of love, take a sip - it'll change your life.

© 2023 | Chetta Creative Genius 

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