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Stay true to your vision ♡

Goals, resolutions, dreams, vision boards...what do you think when this comes to mind? Some may think these are things you do to start off your new year. This shouldn't just be new year, new me goals, but instead a daily thing !

Discipline for some is a curse word ! I've been there too, but the beauty that comes from it is so worth it ! Mind over matter isn't an easy thing for some, but trust me when I say it is doable!

Writing out goals for the year and breaking them down into bite sizes like monthly goals and weekly goals make things manageable for me. Life comes with many challenges, days where you feel broken, hurt, discouraged or purposeless. Everything is possible through Christ - believe that !

So if that's the case then that means you are able to do anything you put your mind and heart to ! Writing out goals holds you accountable and reminds you of your sacrifices whether temporarily or not. You've got to remember why you started in the first place and having a vision board encourages you to stay true to the goal and keep pressing forward.

Sometimes success ( however you define it ) is right around the corner - keep at it - you're closer than you think !

Stay encouraged, stay the course and remember ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE !


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