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Updated: Aug 9, 2019


" Gifts are for giving, so share them I do " - #BeautyUnveiling

Quote from my 1st spoken word piece for #BeautyUnveiling. If you're familiar w/my story then you know this work speaks of my vision loss while illustrating the beauty of it !

This artwork has transformed in soooooo many ways its left me, the artist speechless. It's amazing what you can create & do when you simply BELIEVE IN YOU !!

I've become silent in the last x amount of years, I stopped telling my story. Creating this work has had many stops & starts. I've had a lot rise within my personal life that I was never able to settle & find what worked or didnt...well last summer I've had soooooo many spiritual revelations that has helped me make much breakthrough w/ this work & in my personal life.

My spirit reminds me daily its important that I share what's been given to me, my gifts !

So I'm back at the mic speaking loud for all to hear ! #BeautyUnveiling is not just a body of work, but an experience. Experiencing not only life with limited sight but seeing the beauty in it, seeing and experiencing the strength & wisdom gained - the beauty in something that once was terrifying !! Sometimes it's in your LOSSES that sets you up for your WINS !

Though I'd love to have " 20/20 eyesight " I don't trip bc my wisdom, my 3rd eye is sharp ! Its because of my limited sight that makes my artistic eye shine bright !!

So don't count yourself out because you don't have everything on " the list ". Never think you're inadequate- when you BELIEVE in YOURSELF that alone can move mountains !!

Continue to watch as my beauty unveils. I'll be sharing a lot more from #BeautyUnveiling. So travel this journey w/ me, I hope it'll inspire you in your walk in life. Encourage you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE all because you BELIEVE in YOURSELF !!

Let's change the world together,  someone needs what your blessed with . Remember " gifts are for sharing " so share more of you !!

Be blessed all ♡


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