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Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I remember one of my Bennett sisters told me this when I shared with her I was getting tired in telling my story, perhaps bored even.

See prior to undergrad I found out about my low vision. Alllll the dreams I had stored up waiting for the right moment got robbed when I found out I was losing my eye sight.

It was in undergrad that I found my eye for photography. Many were confused as to how creative I was yet I was losing my sight. I've always had an go-getter drive & attitude of determination & I just knew photography anybody could do- not realizing it then that was my natural gift.

I often would respond unsure " because of God ?! " ( knowing God & I wasnt on much talking terms at that time ) But that didnt STOP GOD from having a plan already laid out for me.

For awhile I stopped telling my story, somehow I silenced myself. As doubt, fear & the worst of all overthinking crept in somehow my voice became hoarse.

Well my spirit reminded me of how I'm too dope to remain silent &that I must share - that's what gifts are for right?! 📷.

So I'm back & this time I have A LOT to say ! It's in your story, your testimony, those words, the wisdom that you gained, the lessons learned - all the good & challenges that makes you unique & beautiful in your own way.

I'll be sharing a lot more about my impairment here & on @beautyunveiling. ( Instagram )

As always continue to watch as my beauty unveils ♡

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