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What's your vision ?!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019


I use to be a big fan of Craig David and his very popular song " Whats your flava ". In creating this post the thought whats your vision came to mind. I sat and reminisced of those once dreams and desires that had manifested into reality. I remember when prayers and thoughts were answered before I could say amen !

In 2013 I created my first vision board out of curiosity to see if anything I posted would come to pass. To my surprise and the little faith I applied in creating my board, within a few months I started to see a few things take place. The words MASTERS and CURE were a few descriptive cutout words I pasted on my board. Within a few months I got my acceptance letter from Graduate school ! The journey school took me on was amazing - going through it however came with a lot of growing pains ! Lord knows going through was a challenge !

Creating another board in 2018 and 2019 I started to see dots connect in my life. By spring of 2019 not only was I graduating with my MASTERS, but I was cured as well, I could see again ! I had regained my sight within. My Photoeye and my eye of discernment is much stronger My faith had increased as I found my joy again.

Vision boards is the art of manifesting your thoughts and living a better life. By having the visuals placed before you, it encourages you to truly believe and work for what you want to see in your life.

You must first write your vision down if you want to make a clear path before you.

It's an idea if it stays in your head, it's a plan when put to paper. It becomes reality when you apply both faith and action towards your vision.

Faith is in your feet, it'll tell you if your walking in belief or standing still in fear !



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