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Happy selfie birthday

It was a year ago today April 26, 2019 that I did a live performance at my thesis show. I performed spoken word & painted an abstract self-portrait both done with my white cane !

Yup ! My white cane, that was major for me. I mean just a few weeks earlier I bought my white cane. I was nervous, self-conscious & unsure about it, correction – using it in public and familiar places. “ What would people think of me? “ I thought - silly right. The first day I used it I realized it was more of me than people. I had to get over myself in order to embrace my cane.

I was both inspired & curious what it would look like if I did a painting with my white cane. I took action & created my first piece, an 11×14 canvas I titled " Still I Rise ". Sharing my piece with my prof she encouraged me to do a live performance at my show. Surprised yet inspired again. I knew it was God speaking thru her. So I went out on a “ blind mission “ buying paint materials, I was use to buying things photography related. When it came to my performance night I used my white cane both as a mic for my spoken word and a medium to paint with.

In my spoken word [ #BeautyUnveiling Ready or Not ] I dropped some inspirational bars about dreams coming true if you believe. I painted to Lauryn Hills song " Miseducation of Lauryn Hill " my favorite song when I first discovered her album. Check out my thesis show performance here !

Here are three of my white cane paintings which I was blessed to have the opportunity to display them in Georgia’s Tech art show for February 2020, as part of their Black History Month event.

White cane paintings | April 26, 2020

Self - portrait #BeautyUnveiling 2019

Self - portrait #BeautyUnveiling \ Mixed Media | 2019

Still I Rise | Mixed Media | 2019

You are amazing | Mixed Media | 2019

Self - portrait #BeautyUnveiling \ Mixed Media | 2019

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