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#WhiteCaneAwareness Day

October is #BlindAwareness Month & Oct 15th is #WhiteCaneAwareness day. As an artist with #LowVision I use #MyWhiteCane in illustrative ways, such as a microphone. Embracing #MyLowVision was not an easy journey, but in creating my artwork #BeautyUnveiling, discovering a support group & getting my white cane, this support has helped me to overcome my fears and doubts. Ya know the ones like " I can't do this or that because of my low vision ". The only thing changed is my sight loss, I'm still #ChettaCreativeGenius.

Check out this video below where I performed my spoken word piece " Sweet 16 ". A celebration, a piece inspired by my embracing of #MyLowVision, #MyWhiteCane & #CreativeGenius

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